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Welcome to StraightPath Consulting, a training and construction management company. Our goal is to provide quality and complete work zone & OSHA safety training for companies and employees who work in the rights of way in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

At the end of the day, our goal for everyone (contractor, government, inspector, consultant} is for our folks to go home to their families safely. This is achieved only be a deliberate and aggressive attitude toward safety. We have no higher goal as humans than to look out for those that work for and around us.
There is only one right way – the safe way!!

OSHA 10 Training & Certification

This is a foundation course that will create hazard awareness of fundamental elements in construction.  Subjects covered will include:  

ladders                              health hazards

scaffolds                            stairs

cranes                                excavations

PPE                                     Introduction to OSHA

tools                                   managing health and safety

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OSHA 30 HOUR Training & Certification

This 4 day course is more intensive and emphasizes hazard recognition and concentrates on prevention in many areas of construction.  examples:

cranes                                            excavation                                trenching

PPE                                                 hand tools                                stairs

managing health & safety          falls                                            electrocution

struck by                                        caught-in-between                  silica

flagging                                          confined space                        steel erection

signs & barricades                       Temp. Traffic Control              building work zones

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Basic work zone safety

This is a one-day “base” training course designed for VDOT maintenance managers, or private heavy construction workers or superintendents who have direct responsibility for the placement of work zone traffic controls and control devices.

Learn the necessary techniques of Flagging and earn the 4 Year VDOT Flagging Certification.

Intermediate work zone safety

This is a two-day training course designed for construction Inspectors, supervisors (foremen, superintendents, and private engineers or consultants) responsible for on-site inspection and placement of traffic control devices around state highways.

This course also includes the 4 year VDOT Flagging Certification.

Advanced Work Zone Safety

This is an intensive 2-day course designed for construction safety managers, private design engineers, or other safety administrators who are responsible for designing or reviewing plans for work zones, drafting electronic work zone safety plans for projects, and VDOT Residency permit personnel involved in the approval of work zone permits.

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